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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Wedding "bells" in August 08.

The brief period, a week, of the August 2008 – had been hectic to many. There were just too many weddings to attend . Why was it so?:

1. Do not tell me that there has a been a TOC, an acronym for Transfer of Culture from the Chinese to the Malays. For the Chinese 8.08 may has means a lot in terms of Fung Sui for Prosperity, ha ha!

2. The Malays beings Muslims may also had been thinking to do the weeding bash or feast before the Ramadhan which was coming on the first of September. Thus it was decided to be on Saturdays of August 08, school holidays.

3.Or you have to wait after the PMR for those with kids taking the exam or the SPM – which may means during the monsoon!

For me, the reason was simple, my daughter, the bride to be then, is teaching at a Matriculation college and so is her fiancé. Both of them had a two week teaching leave / holiday. Their second week break, coincides with the one week school break where all her sisters and brothers at schools could joined, in the celebration. I nodded, without a voice of objection. So we did the holy matrimony celebration during that school holiday, on its first Saturday. The bride and groom to be, could sort out what ever is needed during the first week of their break. In terms of time-line and scheduling, it was just perfect.

There were only two Saturdays involved during that school holiday. Saturday was the choice to facilitate others in the working class to join the ceremony, more so for the friends of the bride and the groom to be included. Saturday is a common non working day in Malaysia – the west coast / Sabah/Sarawak and the East Coast / Northern States of the Peninsular. On the second Saturday, a wedding reception was hosted by the groom.

Well there were too many “walimah” clashes, we did receive many apologises for it was just impossible to travel from end of the state to another let alone across the country – to be in a feast of almost at the same time. Some of my maternal Unties and Uncles, went to Alor Setar, for Che Pah and Ayah Sin – Son in Law wedding reception. Congratulations to Che Pah & Ayah Sin, who married off their daughter Nurul Hanani a week before me to Mohd Habib. But unfortunately the reception at the groom’s place was unable to be attended by my sisters, though living in Alor Setar, they were back in Kelantan for my daughter’s wedding.

I like to express my deepest gratitude to those relatives and friends who had attended the function, especially to Long and Sue Zaq. To others - uncles, unties, other relatives and neighbours and friends – who came after the ceremony, too. Many thanks for their well and best wishes.

At the groom’s reception in Paloh 6 Gemas, I am thankful to those who had taken the trouble to be there, on my side, Abang Pin, Tik & Yee, Afrizal & Sue, Ruslina & Roslan, Syams & Ellis, Zana & Min (Yu Nah) and kak Ze’s side, Abang Mat & Kak Diah, Shahida and Eddie, Danny & Julie, Maizuni and Azlan. – all with their kids.

Kak Ze’s big immediate Family
Sitting : Nurhannan, Hessa Kawthar, Salsabila, Najya Syakira
Squatting : Sumayyah, Mus’ab, Muhammad, Mufaddal, Ruqayyah
Standing : Hidayah, Anuar (menantu), Madihah, Azizan (Kak Ze), Salehah
Last row : Manan (Abe Ma6), Mardhiyyah.

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