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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Its all quiet on this front.

Normally school holidays are occasion for marriages. But surprising enough not this long school holiday for Perwians. Well, looking back not even the year 2005. No weeding celebration! Did I miss any? I did receive a few from batch mates in

Kuala Lumpur but I had to decline politely. It was their daughter’s wedding, Ehhem, to be exact one was for a friend himself. The wedding for friends’ daughters started last year and the figure grew triple this year. Thinking to myself, theses things will grow on you. One day if life is long enough you will start realizing that you are attending your batch mates’ (school mates) cucu (grandson/daughter’s) weddings.

Today I was in Kemuning attending my cousin’s son wedding. She is my paternal cross cousin. Her daughter in law came from Kelang Valley, not far from Kuala Lumpur. Quite a few of her kids live around Kuala Lumpur. Relax, do not jump off your chair yet. I know she have nothing to do with Perwi. I am not being carried away, just have a little patience and do read on. I stayed there for almost 3 hours from approximately 3pm to 6pm.

Small world.

There was a family of four, that came too, in a Mercedes. I recognized them especially the mum. As for the driver, I knew he gave a lift to my daughter from Pasir Puteh to Machang, some 25km away. My forth daughter and their youngest go to the same UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in Johor. My daughter told me of the man. I did told her that he is related to us.

On her return trip back to UNIVERSITY. I send my daughter to Pasir Puteh. There my daughter introduced me to her Machang friend who was with her elder sister. I asked the elder sister which part of Machang is she from then asked her who her parents are. Then I told her where I am from, so and so and who my parents were and said that were are related. The girl then asked me, "Which side, my mum or dad?" I replied with a smile, "both".

Typical Malaysian, Kelantan Wedding procession,
picture above was in front of
bride’s house.

When they reached the tent I left the staircases and walked to welcome them. I shake hands with the dad, the elder daughter was there and was telling something her mum. The mum interrupted our conversations and started calling me by name and asking the where about of all my other sisters. She told the small reception group that had encircled them that I was, showing a hand gesture about the height of her waist when I frequent their home, in Pangkal Changgong. She said anak Wan Som, as the dad was ushered to the eating table. Their mum is related to me through my Pa.

The dad then remarked while filling the plates, “I thought it was weird that that girl did not know where the exact location of her house and asked me to leave her at the local post office.” By then he understood that we had just moved back to Machang. Then he continue, Tok Gawa Sohok (that’s my grandpa), we are cousins. That man is popularly known as Wan Ismail Pangkal Changgong.

Obituary :

Mak Su Esah ( Arwah Pak Su Soh ) Temangan telah kembali ke Rahmatullah 3 hari lepas. Arwah Pak Su Soh adalah adik kepada Arwah Ayah Daud Bin Ishak suami kepada Arwah Wan Khadijah Haji Wan Ishak.


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